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"I have learned the value of taking time for me. I am more relaxed, calmer and feeling GREAT! I am continuing with yoga because of those reasons and my family can tell a positive difference in me when I go to yoga. I had never taken yoga prior to my class with Cathy." - Teresa of Perrysburg


"Yoga became a focus of my wellness to de-stress and see my friend. Yoga creates a new feeling in me of feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. When I miss class I can tell. I can use the valuable techniques that Cathy has taught in class throughout my week helping between classes." - Lynn, Oregon


"I've always heard that yoga improves all aspects of one's well-being and I knew Cathy would show me yoga at its best! I feel more focused and centered after almost a year of yoga and I love the way it makes me feel. It's also HUGE for me that I am more aware of my posture." - Doy, Toledo


"I had heard such good things about yoga I wanted to experience it. Yoga is absolutely wonderful... I can not express how good it makes me feel. I hope to continue and enjoy the meditation aspect as well. Another positive outcome of my yoga experience has been my focus on better nutrition choices for myself." - Jane, Perrysburg


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