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"I have been an advocate of fitness all of my life. My most recent work experience which was marketing for orthopedic surgeons and my own frozen shoulder brought me to yoga. Mobility with aging becomes a challenge, as it was in the case of my frozen shoulder. Yoga rejuvenated my spirit, with regard to aging, because it is the closest answer I could find to the fountain of youth. The connection between the mind, body, and spirit enhances life in unimaginable ways another more subtle
benefit, soooooooo…Try Yoga!


As you Try Yoga, know that each time you step on the mat it is a new beginning! Like each new wave that touches the shore you have the opportunity to connect with your flow. By stretching, strengthening and breathing – centering in peace, you will enhance your inner awareness, create your own stillness and balance. This focus will allow you to experience the present with a sense of wonder and unite your mind, body and spirit with intentions to highlight the health and happiness in your life. Do not underestimate the possibilities for you beyond increasing your flexibility…

Trust LIFE!"



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